Red, white, and bbq


A few months ago, I received a product sample of two bbq sauces--Republican and Democrat--from an outfit called Walnut Grove Mercantile in Marshall, MN. In honor of today's election, I finally opened the sauces to taste test them out on a block of Wildwood tofu (in case you want to make inferences about my political leanings...).

The bottles were covered with cheeky political slogans ("Roast those left wings," the Republican elephant cried; the Democratic bottle said it was for "the non-discriminating palate") and I thought they might be useful for an election-night party. But when I tried to track down a retail outlet, I came up empty: the websites listed on the package weren't in service, the toll-free phone number led me to an answering machine, and lists the product as currently unavailable. It was then that I noticed the copy on the box and bottles referenced the 2004(!) election, and I decided to abstain from sauce voting and headed to the polls.