Red Stag Supper Club makes a chef change

Red Stag Supper Club makes a chef change

After almost two years of working on and in the restaurant (he helped out with the kitchen design and construction), Bill Baskin happily handed the Red Stag's reins to his sous chef, Brian Hauke, who has been with him since the restaurant opened. "I'm really pleased he's the one taking over," Baskin told me this afternoon.
What this change means for us, the dining public, is that we can still get our steaks and smelt fries at the Stag, but now we can also have the sausages and charcuterie Baskin will be making at his new gig at the Seward Co-op, which opens in its new location, 2823 E. Franklin, on January 8.

Baskin says this sort of meat-making has long been one of his favorite kitchen prep jobs. He's currently in the process of testing recipes, but says that we should expect offerings to be "as diverse as possible." That means sausages in all sorts of shapes--links, ropes--and made with many types of meats--even several mock options for vegetarians. Baskin won't have any long-cure meats (salami, for example) when the co-op opens, but likely a few terrines and potted meats like those he made at Red Stag. The swap sounds like a win-win situation for all of us.

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