Red Cow Gets "Golden Ticket" Invite to World Food Championships


Minneapolis's Red Cow was recently invited to participate in the World Food Championships in Las Vegas

Stuff it, stuffed burgers. A different kind of Twin Cities burger is in the spotlight.

Red Cow, the south Minneapolis burger restaurant that recently opened a new location in St. Paul, has been invited to compete in the World Food Championships in Las Vegas. Red Cow received a special "Golden Ticket" invitation to the event from Food Network star Ben Vaughn, who also hosts the championships. Once there, the burger eatery will vie for the title of burgermeister supreme.

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The World Food Championships will be held in Las Vegas from November 12-18 with over $300,000 dollars worth of prizes at stake. This is the third anniversary of the event, which will also be filmed and turned into a six-episode special for the A&E family of networks this spring.

The 2014 World Food Championships cover a variety of categories, including barbecue, chili, sandwiches, burgers, dessert, bacon, recipes, pasta, and seafood. Red Cow will of course compete in the burger category and go head to head with 49 other burger slingers from around the country for a prize of up to $10,000.

The contest is broken up into three rounds that pit the contestants against each other in various ways. First up is the signature dish round, where competitors put forth their best unique, prized burger. In the second round participants will all have to create the same classic burger, and in the final round each contestant will be given a mystery ingredient they'll have to incorporate into a burger variation of their choosing.


The original Red Cow location in south Minneapolis

Typically contestants compete in various competitions across the country and then register to participate in the competition, however, Red Cow received a special endorsed invite. According to Red Cow founder Luke Shimp, "I was completely humbled when Ben called to inform me of his endorsement. To know Red Cow has garnered national attention of TV food celebrities is amazing."

Red Cow opened its first location in 2013, shortly after Shimp left his role with the Blue Plate Group. Since then, they've expanded to St. Paul and will be opening a new North Loop location sometime early next year.

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