Rebel Donut Bar was sold out by 10 a.m. (!) today

The crummy, crumbly aftermath of a rush at Rebel Donut Bar.

The crummy, crumbly aftermath of a rush at Rebel Donut Bar. Emily Cassel

Rebel Donut Bar, northeast Minneapolis. 10:10 a.m.

Just a half-dozen gluten-free Bridezillas remain inside the confections case, their ruby-colored glaze shining in the morning light, their white chocolate shavings winking from behind the glass.

But there's someone in front of us in line. And she's taking what's left.

"That's the least Minnesotan thing ever," Rebel co-owner Vince Traver laughs, boxing up her quarry.

This isn't the first time Minneapolis has gone crazy for donuts -- there's Bogart's in south Minneapolis, where the "sold out" sign often leaves dough-lovers disappointed by 10 a.m. 

Still, Traver can't quite believe the chaos. He's been making 1,500 mini-donuts a day -- "it's the most I can possibly make." It's why the walls are still bare, why the bistro table he plans to set up by the front window isn't there yet. He hasn't had a spare minute since Rebel opened earlier this week.

Northeast resident Brittany Geistfeld, the gal who took off with those last half-dozen 'zillas, says there's been a line of hungry folks waiting outside with their faces smushed against the windows every morning. (No hard feelings, by the way, Brit. We would've done the same thing to you.) She took her time getting to the shop this morning, figuring there was no way they'd be sold out by noon.

She was wrong. We were all wrong. Better luck next time, everyone.

And as for whether Traver will ever have a spare moment to hang up that art, or finally head to IKEA?

"We're closed Mondays," he says. "Thank God."