Ready Your Forks: A Two-Month-Long Pie Pop-Up at Hola Arepa

The kind of PCP you can write home about.

The kind of PCP you can write home about.

It would be difficult to overstate our love of pies. Pretty lattice-topped domes, peaks of dainty meringue, the golden surface of a perfectly set chess pie: We quell the urge to dive face first into these buttery crusted confections every time we see one.

Even getting a pie in the kisser doesn't sound so bad when we're thinking of Michelle Gayer's malted banana cream.

And we are definitely thinking of Michelle Gayer's pies, especially now that we know this critically acclaimed Salty Tart chef will be popping up at Hola Arepa with a rotating array of pies for the entirety of November and December. The Power, Corruption, and Pies pop-up is on its way.

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For now, the PCP website is cryptically spare: a location, a brief description, and a link to Instagram, where awesome pie glamor shots are being released, one by mouthwatering one.

What we do know is that the pop-up will take place at Hola Arepa each Monday in November and December. Starting at 3 p.m., pie fiends can choose from four different seasonal whole pies -- while supplies last.

Lattice have pies.

Lattice have pies.

And from what we're seeing on the PCP Instagram page, these pies won't last long: dreamy chocolate meringues; sugar-crusted, latticed fruit pies; malted banana cream. Merciful heavens, is it November yet?

Stay tuned for more details as the pie pop-up approaches.

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