Reader Question: A Quest for Mead


A reader writes:

I have a question for you! I am having a Halloween party and I am looking at drink choices... What I want to do is get a cask (or, if necessary, several bottles) of mead. At renaissance festival this year I was daring enough to try this and it's absolutely an amazing beverage, and I think it would go wonderfully at a Halloween party instead of hard cider or a similar party drink.

My problem is this: I don't have any idea where in the metro to get it! I've stopped by a few liquor stores (I'm not very well versed in metro area liquor stores yet) and most of the time I have to explain to the lackeys working what mead is.

Do you have any suggestions as to where to look to find this fantastic drink that will surely make my party a success?

I've been very, very pleased with the White Winter mead offered for sale at The Four Firkins, a specialty beer store in St. Louis park. It's strong, well-balanced, and rich without being oversweet. I believe I've sampled the Black Harbor currant variety, which I endorse.

The beautiful thing about White Winter's mead is that a little goes a long way; it's more like a honey-touched port than anything else. It's perfect for cordial glasses after dinner, or as a "welcome to the party" entertainment. This is sipping stuff, though — no shots, please.


Moreover, the proprietor of the Four Firkins (Jason Alvey) is exactly the kind of guy who would point you to another spirits shop if they had a mead that was more in line with your needs. Hope this helps.

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