Raw milk lovers joining forces in Wisconsin

Raw milk lovers joining forces in Wisconsin

On the heels of a recent court ruling against a Wisconsin man accused of selling raw milk on the Internet, avid consumers of the unpasteurized product have formed an organization called the Wisconsin Alliance for Raw Milk.

According to its Facebook page, WARM is composed of:

Wisconsin farmers and consumers, and those from surrounding states [including Minnesota], who are for the freedom and right to choose raw milk and other foods we want to consume to maintain and restore our health. We are for the right and freedom to farm the land and to share and trade in the bounty of our crops without government or corporate interferences.

An Ohio-based online natural foods journal reports that the state judge ruled last week that Kane must "hand over his private customer list, the names of the dairies that supply him with the milk and his IRS tax filings or possibly be imprisoned until he does."

All over raw milk? Yikes.

The enzymes and minerals in unpasteurized milk have reported health benefits.

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