Randy Moss's biggest sin: Dissing the Vikings buffet

"I wouldn't feed this to my [expletive] dog!"

"I wouldn't feed this to my [expletive] dog!"

Randy Moss may have done a lot--a lot--of assholey things in his football career-- bumping a traffic cop with his car, leaving the field before the end of the game, and pretending to moon Green Bay fans (well, OK, that was just funny)--but Moss's most recent departure from the Vikings has set clubhouse tongues wagging with yet another story about what a jerk he really is.


One player recounted an incident to Yahoo Sports that occurred after last Friday's practice when, as is the Viking's custom, the players gathered for a post-practice buffet provided by a local restaurant, in this case a mom-and-pop eatery that had laid out its best spread of ribs, chicken, pasta, a carving station, and other offerings. As the restaurant owners proudly served their buffet, Moss stood nearby trashing the food. " "What the [expletive]?" the wide receiver snarled. "Who ordered this crap?"

Now the Star Tribune has piled on with more details, naming the caterer (Tinucci's in Woodbury and Newport) and gathering more color from the restaurateur, Gus Tinucci.

All of a sudden I heard all this screaming, and I was like, 'Are you kidding me?' I knew who it was immediately. I looked up and there he was. [Moss said], 'I wouldn't feed this [expletive] to my [expletive] dog.' I was in shock. I couldn't believe it. It was quiet in there."

Tinucci said one player told Moss to shut up. He also said two Vikings employees approached him and apologized.

"We just went about our business," he said. "I had more compliments. The guys that were there and heard it and saw it, I think they were very appreciative of us being there.

More than likely Moss will end up in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but if they ever create a Dipwad Hall of Fame, Moss may be one of the original inductees.