Ramps! Act fast, they won't be around long


Ramps, an early sign of spring, are a rare, prized, commodity. Unless you have them randomly growing in your backyard that is, or find them in a ditch on the side of the road. If you're looking for them around town, it's touch and go. Most of the local co-ops are getting them in right now, but best to call before going to make sure. They're worth it.

When I called around yesterday, Mississippi Market (which talks up ramps on its site) on Selby was the only one that had any, and only two bunches at that. They said they'd be getting more today though. Linden Hills Co-op said they'd be getting some early next week and The Wedge said they hoped to have some by this weekend. Seward Co-op said they'd get 'em when they got 'em. Well, ok then! Be vigilant, because the unpredictable oniony-leeky-garlicky creatures won't be around long.

If you just can't wait, local restaurants like Heidi's (aka our fave Minneapolis restaurant, didja hear?), Heartland (our St. Paul fave), and Tosca have all been serving ramps up lately in some fashion or another. Again though, might wanna call and see if they're still on the menu before you go running on over.

And meanwhile, here's a great paean to ramps Gourmet published last year which includes a handful of recipes. Yay spring!