Rainbow tries to make a buck off black history month


The other day, I came across a posting in which a blogger called up Rainbow foods to inquire about their salute to black history month, which includes offering sales on items like collard greens and fryer chickens.

Turns out the ad made waves all over MnSpeak, MinnPost, and Derusha's Good Question segment on WCCO, as Minnesotans tried to decide whether the ad was racist, offensive, tacky, or simply targeted marketing. Today, turns out "collardgate" has made it to gawker, which wades into the fray with suggestions for other diversity-celebrating offers:

Polish History Month: Kielbasa, Glue (for sniffing), Light bulbs (How many Poles to screw one in? Ha.). Russian History Month: Vodka, AK-47s, Vodka. Women's History Month: Tampons, Kitchen Items, (Go Make Me) A Sandwich.