R.A. Mac Sammy's, new food truck specializes in mac and cheese

Mac and cheese please

Mac and cheese please

We first spotted it at the St. Paul winter carnival: a sun-colored new food truck specializing in custom-made mac and cheese. Now that the weather has turned warmer, the R.A. Mac Sammy truck is out on a more regular basis. We decided to stop by and give the comfort food a try. We also chatted with the mac and cheese mastermind, Kevin Huyck, about where he's been and where he hopes to go.


They've been taking the truck through St. Paul for their first few runs. On the day we visited, they were parked in a sunny spot next to Mears Park. "We're licensed to go anywhere except Minneapolis proper," Huyck said. A resident of Apple Valley, he said he hoped they might be able to have some spots closer to home. Are we ready for a suburban food truck? The only thing holding him back is finding a spot where people will gather.  

South metro workers, let your voices be heard! Enough of this city-dweller snobbery on the food truck front. Let's buck the notion that the mobile feast is a trend.

The mac and cheese we ordered comes basic or with embellishments of the diner's choosing.  We added some peppers, breadcrumbs, and the irresistible bacon to our order.

Other menu items are available, for those not in the mood for noodling around. Each week the menu is updated on R.A. Mac Sammy's website, which is also where you'll find the truck's current location.

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