Quarantine Games: What am I eating? (Round 7)

Gobbled up to the very last – and you can too!

Gobbled up to the very last – and you can too! Sarah Brumble

…Bet you think we forgot about this shtick, huh? NOPERS.

Yes, just like wearing masks in public and washing our hands til they’re raw, we here at City Pages have not given up on the Quarantine Games, either. As data pouring from the Kollege Klub demonstrates, the pandemic remains in full swing, so until… that’s not the case, you’ll find us riding this pony into the sunset. 

Also, we know today is not Friday, okay? (Jeeze.) At some point in the last month, we realized it made a lot more sense to move our little guessing game (and its *fingers crossed* levity) to the worst day of the “work week” rather than trying to make anyone focus at week’s end! That’s simply a lost cause.

Before we hop back onto said trusty steed, it might be helpful to provide a quick recap of what happened last time we met: Reader-tweeter Manny Esguerra emerged victorious in Round Six for correctly identifying Cecil’s Deli as the creator of the perfect sandwiches pictured in our very special lunch time edition of Quarantine Games. Esguerra’s prize? So many brags!

Of course, the rules of play in this contest remain unchanged: You guess the answer to “What am I eating?” (and/or what the dishes might be) in the comment section on this post, the response tweets favored by dads and Gen Z, ye olde Facebook comment, etc. Winners receive a little extra strut in their step, possibly a ridiculous gif as a “trophy,” a deep sense of inner fulfillment, plus a shout-out here as we reveal to readers the correct answer.

So, faithful and fervent CP readers, which Twin Cities dining establishment created this mouth-watering dish? 

As always, thank you for putting up with “us.”

UPDATE 6/30/20 12:05 p.m.: As a veritable… ocean of sharp eyed participants correctly identified your author as eating Doro Wat, this week's title of "victor" goes to reader Joe Bro, who correctly guessed the dish came from The Red Sea. Founded in 1990 in Minneapolis's West Bank neighborhood, the eatery offers a deep menu of Ethiopian and Eritrean dishes for takeout, delivery, and dine-in either within the bar-restaurant, or on their sidewalk terrace.