Quarantine Games: What am I eating? (Round 6)

Just like your mom never made.

Just like your mom never made. Sarah Brumble

Welcome back to a very special lunch-themed edition of ‘What am I eating?”! 

Not only is this installment special for its midday qualities, we’re also playing with added fervor thanks to Governor Walz’s Wednesday switcheroo, which ensures Minnesota's quar will change shape over the coming days. 

That’s right, as of Monday, we’ll be “staying safe” rather than “staying at home” … So does that mean the Quarantine Games should continue? Only time will tell, folks!

Before we jump into this week’s competition, Round Five found readers Benjamin Harrelson, Tony Wrich, and Naomi Lynn in a three-way tie with their correct guess of University Avenue’s Tea House.

Of course, the rules of play in this ol’ contest remain unchanged: You guess the answer to “What am I eating?” (and/or what the dishes might be) via the comment section on this post, traditional response tweets of yore, Facebook comments, etc. Winners receive bragging rights, possibly a ridiculous gif as a gift, a deep sense of inner fulfillment, and a shout out here as we reveal to readers the correct answer.

So, brave and brilliant CP readers, which Twin Cities dining establishment created this legendary lunch? 

As always, we appreciate you for playing with us.

UPDATE 5/15/20 2:55 p.m.: Reader-and-tweeter Manny Esguerra takes home the prize this week for being the first sandwich fan to correctly identify Cecil’s Deli as the creator of this week’s lunch time bounty.

Only Cecil’s cares enough about its customers to individually shrinkwrap their pickles. [heart eye emoji] But most folks aren’t drawn to the deli – operating in St. Paul’s Highland Park neighborhood since 1949 – for those (incredibly touching) details, though; it’s their top-notch deli offerings and hot sandwiches like the Turkey Reuben and Pastrami and Schmere (both pictured), plus sides of peerless pasta salad, and Cecil’s too often overlooked desserts like pieces of carrot cake or (off-screen) lemon meringue pie. They offer catering, takeout, and curbside pickup from its restaurant and deli.

Orders are accepted via telephone or fax only. Peruse their online menu before calling or faxing at