Quarantine Games: What am I eating? (Round 5)

New puzzle, who dis?

New puzzle, who dis? Sarah Brumble

Folks, did you know it’s Friday once more yet again all over?

Look, we know you measure your weeks based on "What am I eating?" installments. And yes, last week we took a little breather. This means we've got a little catching up to do…

First thing's first: Last Friday, May 1, did indeed happen — even though there was no new Quarantine Game to help mark the passage of time. We're proud of you for being here, still. 

(When last we met in Round Four, reader Eric Korte correctly identified Harry Singh's Original Caribbean Restaurant as the purveyor of the featured oxtails, red beans, rice, and curried goat.)

Second, and most importantly, the principles at play in "What am I eating?" remain the same as ever. Submit answers (and/or what the dishes might be) via the comment section on this post, ye olde response tweet, Facebook comments, etc. Winners receive bragging rights, possibly a ridiculous gif as a gift, a deep sense of inner fulfillment, and a shout out here as we reveal to readers the correct answer.

So, smarty pants CP readers, which Twin Cities dining establishment whipped up this week's sumptuous feast (pictured above)?

Stay shrewd. Stay humble. Stay lucid. …And thank you for playing!

*Please note we've acquired a brand new backdrop puzzle that has all its pieces (unlike the first one) and we'll actually finish this time (unlike the first one). Enjoy the slow reveal, nerds!

UPDATE 5/8/20 3:56 p.m.: Benjamin Harrelson, Tony Wrich, and Naomi Lynn have secured the whole entire podium this week with their correct guesses of Tea House, located on University Avenue. Each reader correctly identified the restaurant in quick succession, submitting their answers on the article itself, and in two separate Facebook comment threads. Congrats to all three Takeout Olympians on your performance today!

After closing shop since mid-March, 2019's "Best Chinese Restaurant" has thankfully reopened for online ordering and contactless pickup. Appearing above are Tea House's Hot and Sour Dumpling Soup, General Tao Chicken, and Eggplant Noodles.