Quarantine Games: What am I eating? (Round 2)

Hint: It's *still* takeout.

Hint: It's *still* takeout. Sarah Brumble

Just last Friday, City Pages introduced a new recurring feature called "What am I eating?"

As promised, we’ve returned with a timely second installment of our game, which entails readers guessing what rests atop my dining room table… beyond that still-unfinished puzzle. (It’s really hard and might be missing pieces, okay? We’re working on it.)

Okay, fine, we'll be more specific: Where is the food in this picture from?

In our first contest, it took just a few hours before Gorkha Palace’s distinctly chubby little momos blew their cover. Perhaps this week’s spread will prove a smidge more challenging?

The rules haven’t changed. To review:
Above appears a takeout feast photographed in its restaurant-provided containers. Submit your guesses for which Twin Cities dining establishment provided such a blessed bounty, and/or ideas for what the dishes might be. Answers will be accepted via comment section, ye olde response tweet, Facebook comment, etc.

Winners receive bragging rights, a deep sense of inner fulfillment, and a shoutout here as we reveal to readers the correct answer.

UPDATE 4/10/2020, 3:11 p.m.: Allison Brimeyer has emerged victorious in the second round of "What am I eating?" with her correct guess of Eat Street's Black Forest Inn! Pictured is their reuben and fries, lentil and sausage soup, bonus spätzel, and a brötchen. The bar provides contact-less curbside pickup, and a punny, heartwarming look at how they're keeping busy during "the Wurst Käse Scenario" via their social media accounts.

Stay sane. Stay fed. Stay well. …And leave a little room to play.