Quarantine Games: What am I eating? (Round 10)

Trust that the custard *was* perfect on the front-left item… until your author got her paws on it.

Trust that the custard *was* perfect on the front-left item… until your author got her paws on it. Sarah Brumble

Greetings fellow diners! Welcome back to the tenth installment of Quarantine Games, City Pages’ periodic feats of eats in which we ask you to guess “What am I eating?”

When we met last in Round Nine of the games (way back in July!) a classy sport by the name of River T. claimed “gold” (we don’t give out tangible prizes, sry) for recognizing that St. Paul’s Shish Mediterranean Kitchen had whipped up an impeccable Fattoush Salad with gyro meat and chicken shawarma wrap with spicy feta featured in that week's contest.

Befitting this crisp and sunny Monday morning, we present the above for your pondering. You’ll note this take us on a departure from big, meal-time spreads in favor of highlighting the Twin Cities’ baking scene!

Devotees of these shenanigans know the rules haven’t changed since day one, yet we review them each week should stragglers in search of fun join along the way: The idea here is that readers guess the answer to “What am I eating?” (i.e., which establishment in the Twin Cities is responsible for the food in the photograph, and what might that food be). Guesses should be posted in the comment section of this blog, via response tweets, Facebook comments, etc. 

Winners may receive a ridiculous gif, bigger, better boasting abilities, a modicum of inner fulfillment (though this could be fleeting), and a shoutout here when we reveal the correct answer.

As always: thank you for your sporting attitude, and for playing with us!

UPDATE 8/18/20 10:18 a.m.: Congratulations to City Pages reader Lozenge Estranha, who won Quarantine Games round ten by correctly identifying that this week's offerings arrived from Marissa's Bakery on Nicollet. Pictured are an array of pan dulce, including a gigantic ojo de buey, a pink concha, an apple-filled empanada (though look for Marissa's guava option, too!), and a coconut, jam, and custard delight to round off the spread. Marissa's Bakery is open seven days a week from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. at 2750 Nicollet Avenue in Minneapolis.