Quang Restaurant is about to look way different (also you've been mispronouncing its name)

This is what Quang will look like.

This is what Quang will look like. Facebook: Quang

The family that has been running Quang Restaurant for 30 years had a choice: Add another location or double down on their longtime Eat Street home.

Quang is staying put, social media manager Jarrett Reed says, but the beloved Minneapolis Vietnamese spot is about to look a whole lot different.

"The food will be the same – great food, affordable prices," Reed reports. "We’re just updating the aesthetic of the restaurant with a significant remodel; it's more than cosmetic."

The idea of adding another Quang location raised concerns about diminished quality, Reed says, so the family opted to re-invest in 2719 Nicollet Ave. That means re-imagining the dining space, totally overhauling the front-of-house area, and sprucing up the exterior. 

"The density of the restaurant is a challenge," Reed says, adding that takeout and online orders represent an increasingly booming part of the business. "We’re trying to create an ambiance that you’d expect from Eat Street."

Beginning Sunday, Quang will be closed for six days as Minneapolis-based Christian Dean Architecture begins work on the restaurant. The remodel won't be totally complete until mid-summer.

You can hear pride in Reed's voice when he talks about Quang, which was launched across the street from its current location by his mother-in-law, Lung Tran. Three generations now work inside the bustling pho destination.  

"It’s tied to the American dream, immigration, and my mother-in-law working her ass off," Reed says. "It’s been a labor of love and everyone in the family has contributed."

And, to address the other part of this headline, you hear something else in Reed's voice: The way he accurately pronounces the business named after his late father-in-law. 

Everyone this reporter knows pronounces it "Quahng" (rhymes with "bang"). That's a widespread mistake, Reed says with a laugh. Turns out you pronounce it "Quong" (rhymes with "long").


City Pages readers voted Quang the best Best Vietnamese Restaurant in 2018. Don't sleep on the cookie.