Put a heart on it: Heart-shaped Valentine's Day treats for all the folks you love

Pro- or anti-Valentine's Day, Glam Doll Donuts has you covered

Pro- or anti-Valentine's Day, Glam Doll Donuts has you covered Glam Doll Donuts

We know it’s a cliché, but isn’t it fun, once a year, to just go all-out over the top with hearts?

No? What if the hearts are made of food?

Thought so. Here's where to find 'em in the Twin Cities.

Angel Food Bakery
What hasn’t Angel Food Bakery turned into a heart for Valentine’s Day? There are heart-shaped fudgy brownies, heart-shaped donuts of all flavors and colors, and mini donuts that look like those sugar-bomb conversation hearts. There's also a gigantic heart donut drenched in Technicolor icing. 86 S. Ninth St., Minneapolis; 612-238-1435,

Cake is good for you, and you should eat as much of it as you possibly can. OK, that might be taking it a bit far... but nab a chocolate heart-shaped cake from Portillo’s from February 9-18, and your purchase will support the American Red Cross. One hundred percent of the proceeds—up to $25,000—will go directly to the organization, supporting disaster relief, international aid programs, and much more. It's a cake that will do some real good, both for the Red Cross and your sweet tooth. Multiple locations,

Glam Doll Donuts

Sure, you could do the expected thing and get your significant other a sappy heart-shaped donut to express your love (and/or your joy that someone else is as weird as you are). But what about the other significant others in your life? The gal pals who give you literary essay and skincare recs in the same text message? Who pick up the shattered pieces of your heart post-breakup? This Galentine’s Day, cement your friendship with a Glam Doll donut decorated in Bruno Mars lyrics or one that celebrates their single (and potentially bitter) status. Because they really are drippin' in finesse. Multiple locations,

Frank from Philly & Andrea Pizza
The world would have you believe that every kiss begins with k, but, in actuality, every kiss begins with pizza. A beautiful, heart-shaped, perhaps pepperoni-laden pizza. Andrea Pizza is stretching and shaping dough into hearts for Valentine’s Day, bringing a touch of love to your Valentine’s dinner (and a welcome dose of East Coast pizza to the Twin Cities). 1235 Fourth St. SE, Minneapolis; 612-208-1973,

The Salty Tart
Chocolate mousse cake served in any shape is enough to make your love swoon. Get that mousse cake in the shape of a heart that's decorated with chocolate curls and other, tinier hearts, and that cake is ready for its Valentine’s Day Instagram close-up. Plus, you’ll feel like Cupid gifting it to your loved one(s). Preorders for this mousse-tasting treat have closed, but don’t worry: Salty Tart is baking up these and other satisfying treats, according to the online order form. Multiple locations,