Purple Sandpiper now open in Bloomington

Piping up pork belly and lemon ricotta pancakes?
Piping up pork belly and lemon ricotta pancakes?

Just when we were bellyaching about Bloomington's lack of a dining scene, along comes news of not only a south metro Majors transitioning to Poor Richard's Commonhouse, but word that the ambitious Ryan Aberle, late of NorthCoast, more recently of Ringo, has resurfaced to head the kitchen at a new Bloomington gastropub called Purple Sandpiper. (Does the name seem better suited to Santa Barbara, or is it just us?)

The restaurant focuses on craft beer, local food, and, as might be expected from Aberle, nightly tasting menus. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and the menu includes lemon ricotta pancakes, pork belly panini, garlic butter prawns, and more.

Purple Sandpiper 8405 Lyndale Avenue S Bloomington, MN 55420 952-888-1429

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