Pure Market Express: Top 5 best and worst raw foods


After my week of eating raw via Pure Market Express, here are five dishes I'd order again:

5. Basil Fried Rice: You'd eat a raw carrot, right? Raw parsnips are just as good--who knew?

4. Chocolate Cheesecake: Blended coconut gives this cheese-less cheesecake a creamy texture and plenty of richness.

3. Caramel Roll: This dense, chewy date/nut loaf is nothing like the real thing--except for the "caramel"--but it's still tasty, not to mention healthier.

2. Tostada:For whatever reason--maybe it's the salsas?--raw Mexican really worked well, especially this (no-toast) tostada with a flax-based crust.


1. Mexi Wraps:Another vegetable that's pretty much always cooked--collard greens--is great raw, or at least when it's stuffed with nut cheese and salsa.

And here are five dishes I'd eschew:

5. Julie's Sushi: The replication attempt is admirable, but I love maki so much that I couldn't get over the disconnect between these rolls and the real thing.

4. Baked Macaroni and Cheese: Raw zucchini doesn't taste like much, no matter how much nut cheese you put on it.

3. Blueberry Muffin: It looks like the caramel roll, but it sure doesn't taste like the caramel roll. When a friend sampled a muffin, he took one bite and tossed the rest out a window.

2. Sausage Pizza: This pizza actually looks pretty good, but I couldn't get over the chalky crust and the nutty mock-sausage nuggets.

1. Salmon: Another one where I love the real thing way too much to even consider this chewy, dehydrated carrot substitute. The turmeric-heavy sauce didn't help, either.