Punch Pizza takes over the Twin Cities

Along with Pizza Nea, Punch is pretty much pizza perfection in my book, what with the fire-kissed meats, veggies, and cheeses layered on puddles of tangy tomato sauce and crackly, chewy crusts. Its only drawback is that everybody else in the Twin Cities seems to feel the same way about Punch--the shops are always packed.

The Grand Avenue location makes its debut today at 769 Grand, right across the street from the Wild Onion (don't pretend you don't know it--or the l'il bikini-clad missy standing in the icy beer tub). It's one of the quick-service stores, similar to their restaurant in Calhoun Village, and I'm keeping my fingers that it'll reduce the crowds at the full-service location in Highland Park. Though I suspect it'll just introduce more people to the wonders of Punch, and just make all the locations busier...

Punch Pizza takes over the Twin Cities

Grand Ave is the sixth Punch location--find the rest listed here.

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