Pumphouse's Bruno Tracks vs. Frosty Paws dog ice cream

If you're a dog, Halloween is a pretty craptastic holiday: the door bell won't stop ringing, small goblins seem to have taken over your yard and the treats are flowing, but none of them seem to be for you. (And that's if your people don't dress you up in costume.)

With that in mind we sought to placate our pampered pup with his favorite treat: ice cream. But first (okay maybe this step was unnecessary) we had to determine his favorite treat from our favorite haunts. Would Mason rather devour Pumphouse Creamery's Bruno Tracks or Frosty Paws, which is available at Liberty Frozen Custard and Grand Ole Creamery?

Bruno's Tracks

Pumphouse Creamery Owner Barb Zapzalka, who is best known for creating tempting ice cream for humans, got in the doggie ice cream business a few years ago when she noticed many of her customers buying ice cream for their dogs. She makes two different flavors: Bella's Tracks, which is plain, and Bruno's Tracks, which is peanut butter flavored. Both flavors are named after neighborhood dogs, and they both cost $1.20 for an individual cup or $6 for 6 cups. Zapzalka makes the doggie ice cream with the same ingredients she uses in her ice cream for people, but she cuts the amount of sugar and cream in half.

In the past, Mason has devoured Bella's Tracks and Bruno's Tracks with equal enthusiasm (and he seems to like them more than Kleenex, another of his favorite - although unsanctioned - treats).

Frosty Paws

Frosty Paws, a product made by Purina, also comes in two flavors, original and peanut butter. It's available for $1.25 per container at Liberty Frozen Custard. It's also sold at Grand Ole Creamery and local grocery stores (check the website for a listing of stores in your area).

Mason has happily hoovered Frosty Paws on the patio of Liberty Frozen Custard.

The Verdict

Decisions, decisions...
Decisions, decisions...
Liz Potasek

After given a chance to sniff both containers, Mason sat and waited while both containers were placed before him. When given the okay, Mason ran to Bruno's Tracks and took a few licks; then he took two licks of Frosty Paws before going back to Bruno's Tracks. He even took the Bruno's Tracks to bed, which means he really loves it.

Of course, Mason enjoys ice cream in moderation.
Of course, Mason enjoys ice cream in moderation.
Liz Potasek

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