Psycho Suzi's plans fall move to old Gabby's space

The Poor Man's Paradise is upgrading to roomier digs
The Poor Man's Paradise is upgrading to roomier digs
Mo Perry

The sign outside Gabby's proclaims it loud and clear: "Psycho Suzi's / Future Home / Coming This November / Hopefully / Fingers Crossed." (It's a big sign). With Gabby's closure in July came a new opportunity for Nordeast's favorite tiki bar and pizza parlour to spread its tattooed wings in a larger, water-front space, all without leaving its beloved neighborhood. The Hot Dish spoke with owner Leslie Bock for details on the upcoming transition.

What is the estimated move date? We're looking at Nov. 20th or thereabouts. I wish I controlled the City of Minneapolis and/or my contractors. What will become of the vacated space? It is for sale or lease, but if nobody wants a sweet kicked puppy, I guess the neighborhood will be stuck with another place created by...yours truly? What kinds of renovations or changes will you make to the new space? We're expanding the kitchen, expanding the bar, expanding the patio...because 16,000 square feet just wasn't big enough. What's the estimated number of seats in the new space? I lost count after 700...a lot. But that includes the patio, you know. What will change about the menu and ambiance of the Psycho Suzi's we know and love? We've been working with Johnny Michaels (La Belle Vie) and Pip Hanson (Cafe Maude) to tweak & create a fantastical drink menu of tiki drinks and blah, blah, blah. Our three chefs, Mike Opland and Jessica Olson (both from Lurcat,) and Tom Beheba (from Palomino & Zahtar) have been tweaking the food and working out some new menu items for the move. Though we've been surrounded by all these fancy fools, we like our lowbrow food & drink image. We generally prefer to keep expectations low and let the chips fall. As far as the ambiance, well...I hope I don't screw that one up. Making gigantron look cozy? I wish myself good luck. How is the neighborhood (which had a testy relationship with Gabby's) responding to the news? From every report, the neighborhood seems happy to see the move. And we're very happy to stay in the neighborhood and even stay on the same street. And we're glad about our new waterfront location, even though it comes with some baggage and headaches. We could have picked an easier project. Is there anything you'd like to be sure people know about the move or the new space? Yes. "Please come."

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