Psst...General Mills' new marketing program


General Mills' inner-circle: Will I make the cut?

I came across Ed Kohler's Deets post about General Mills' new word of mouth marketing program, Psst, last week, and thought I'd join. It's one of those programs where they send free product samples to "influencers" in the hopes that they'll hype the products to everyone they know.

The site had me fill out a multi-page survey, so I spent about 15 minutes telling Psst standard marketing things about how influential I am in my home's grocery purchases as well as how many other people I think I influence--how many friends, family members, co-workers I talk to on a daily basis, and how likely people are to take my recommendations on products. Did I have enough "connector" capital to make it to the Mills' inner circle?

I felt compelled to answer honestly about my packaged food purchases--and sense I tend to shy away from imitation bacon bits, Mexican dinner kits, and dessert pouches (what is a dessert pounch, anyway?), I may not be an ideal Psst'er. I'll let you know if I get the golden email telling me I'm in...