P.S. Steak opens Monday in the La Belle Vie space

Bone in Tenderloin

Bone in Tenderloin P.S. Steak

As sign-offs go, "P.S., I love you," is a fine enough sentiment. 

But you know what has an even lovelier ring to it?

"P.S. Steak."

That right there is a meaty closing line guaranteed to win over hearts, even if it's... slightly less healthy for them. It's also the name of chef Mike DeCamp's new restaurant at 510 Groveland Ave. in Minneapolis—a cheeky, self-aware addendum in homage to the building's former tenant, the historic La Belle Vie. (Ever heard of it?)

It opens this Monday, January 7.

With P.S. Steak, DeCamp and his culinary group, Jester Concepts—they of Parlour, Borough, Constantine, and Monello—are returning to this storied address. The chef spent 10 years of his culinary career inside La Belle Vie's kitchens. 

But enough ancient history. What will you actually eat at P.S. Steak? "Elevated small plates," according to a pre-holiday press release that we've uh, just gotten around to reading thoroughly and synthesizing for you. "Elevated but accessible," is how the reservations page puts it—those are now open, by the way.

These are some of those plates:

Foie Gras

Foie Gras P.S. Steak

Chicken Liver Mousse Tart

Chicken Liver Mousse Tart P.S. Steak

Sautéed Chicken Breast

Sautéed Chicken Breast P.S. Steak

Mushroom Tart

Mushroom Tart P.S. Steak

The drinks? Think "progressive interpretations of classic cocktails."

Peep the dinner menu below, and go ahead and make yourself a reservation here

P.S. Steak
510 Groveland Ave., Minneapolis

5-10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday
5 - 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday

Lounge Hours:
4-11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday
4-12 p.m. Friday and Saturday
4-6 p.m. Social Hour Monday through Friday