P.S. Ribs? – P.S. Steak’s 'Sunday BBQ Pop Up' debuts this weekend

Fingers crossed this tastes as good as it looks

Fingers crossed this tastes as good as it looks Courtesy P.S. Steak

On Valentine’s Day in 2006, my now-wife and I dined at La Belle Vie (now P.S. Steak), and I then went home and puked. 

The meal itself, comprised of seven courses with full wine flight, was nothing short of amazing. We were new to this whole multi-course thing, just as our barely-legal stomachs were completely new to the seven-glasses-of-wine thing. Our waitress treated us like royalty anyway, and we were able to make the short distance home to my apartment in Loring Park before puking. 

It remains the best meal I’ve had in the Twin Cities to date.

When I relayed this anecdote (skipping the unsavory puking business) to Mike DeCamp - former chef de cuisine at La Belle Vie and current head chef of P.S. Steak, which now occupies the former La Belle Vie space - he laughed, while talking about the deep history he has at 510 Groveland. 

DeCamp proceeds to explain what P.S. Steak is about. To him, it’s “not a cookie cutter steakhouse.” He continues, “Everything you’re familiar with [in a steakhouse] is there, but it’s just a little different” which, great. Steakhouses are rad. 

Even radder: P.S. Steak’s first attempt at “Sunday BBQ Pop Up” will happen this Sunday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. (or until the food is gone). The Twin Cities isn’t exactly lacking in barbecue options of late, but I’m obsessed with pork ribs so you won’t hear me complaining.

…Especially when DeCamp starts going into the nitty-gritty of his barbecue. I’ve smoked a hunk of meat or ten on my little Weber at home, and have been known to randomly text friends my deep thoughts on the local purveyors of smoked meats. Simply put, barbecue hits me in the feels. So in the name of professionalism, I had to conceal my emotions as DeCamp described the intimate details of his approach to this ancient art of meat cookery.

DeCamp explains that their rub is simple, just salt & pepper for the beef, the same for pork but with malt vinegar powder too; they don’t put sauce on anything; they don’t use timers and just “smoke it until it’s done.” The menu is uncomplicated and has everything I’d expect – sides like mac & cheese and baked beans, five different meats. I plan on taking in massive quantities of each one. This is everything that barbecue should be: simple, delicious, straight forward.

I’m so excited I could puke.

P.S. Steak
510 Groveland Ave, Minneapolis