Prohibition's Bleuphoria: Blueberries in space in the drink of the week

Blueberries in outer space?

Blueberries in outer space?




W Minneapolis - The Foshay, 821 Marquette Ave., Minneapolis


Perhaps this is what blueberries look like in outer space, as the almost ethereal Bleuphoria at Prohibition presents you with several of the fruit dancing in a cold cauldron of frosty liquid. It's a sight to behold, as you perch high above the city in the swanky aerie of cocktails and good lighting known as Prohibition.

A cocktail aerie...

A cocktail aerie...


A surprisingly grown-up and unsweet mixture of Stoli Blueberry Vodka, St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur, blueberries and fresh lime juice, Bleuphoria goes down easily, without that sticky, juicy, cosmopolitan quality (thank you Elderflower!). Our bartender must have shaken the heck out of the drink, as it was rife with ice crystals and by extension, deliciously cold.

While the $13 sticker price might cause a bit of undue fainting, this is after all, the W Hotel and the drink called Bleuphoria suits the place to a T. It maintains its crystalline, cold and sexy demeanor, even with goofy blueberries bobbing in its healing waters. Order this lovely concoction when you have an expense account or someone else is picking up your tab, and you'll find its blend of sour lime, slightly tart/sweet berry and tincture-like St. Germain, that much more fabulous.

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