Prepay your friends' bar tabs with "My Bar Jar"


Things your friend does not want for his birthday: that one bottle of crappy Chardonnay that you got for your birthday and secreted away for this very occasion; a tube of lipstick in an unfortunate shade of hot pink that you got in a swag bag (he's a dude, remember?); a coupon of any kind. 

Things your friend does want: drinks. Lots and lots of drinks. And by the time everyone decides to buy your friend a drink, and the margaritas really get flowing, and the bar tab situation really gets wild, your friend might get stuck with that very same bar tab. On his birthday. And that's sad. 

Turn your friend's frown upside down by doing this: tell him to register his birthday (or any event) at My Bar Jar, share the event with all of his social media contacts, and watch the tequila flow. 

How it works: 

1. Go to

2. Log in with Facebook 

3. Create an event (including your drink of choice) 

4. Choose a participating establishment (right now limited to Shout House, Azul Nightclub, LV Nightclub and Faces Mears Park but organizers say they are adding more establishments all the time) 

5. Spread the link around on social media 

6. Tell your friends to purchase credits "tiered" at either a house cocktail or a premium cocktail, priced at at $7.50 or $9.25 (a flat fee of $1.50 is added to the price of the drink— the profit margin for MyBarJar). Tell them also to attach a heartfelt or pithy message to the purchase. 

House Credit = tap beer, rail cocktails, house wine, or bottled water 

Premium Credit = bottled beer, call liquor cocktails, premium wine and bottled water 

7. Once MyBarJar accumulates a minimum of 10 total credits, they will automatically confirm your reservation and your credits, with the bar. 

So, is this ultimately less screwing around than just laying down a hundred bucks and telling your friend to have a bang up birthday? Maybe, if you're light on hundreds. Founder Mondo Davidson, a teacher at Obama Elementary in St. Paul by day, says he got the idea when he was organizing a surprise party for his uncle. He said there were people who just couldn't make it, and he thought, "Wouldn't it be great if there was some kind of registry where cousin out in Alaska could buy a drink and attach a message to it and then you walk into the bar and the drinks are all just there paid for and waiting?"  

Kinda great, yeah. Davidson says he used GoFundMe for the first time and saw how seamless the experience was, so he modeled MyBarJar on a similar software platform. 

Check out how it works, here: 

What is MyBarJar? from Mondo Davison on Vimeo.