Prairie Dogs Takes Second Crack at Kickstarter to Open Brick-and-Mortar Spot

Prairie Dogs gives Kickstarter a second go

Prairie Dogs gives Kickstarter a second go

If at first you don't succeed, drop back, wait a few months, and then throw up another Kickstarter campaign. That's what the folks at Prairie Dogs have done in an attempt to get their high-end, handcrafted hot dog and sausage location off the ground.

Last fall, the Prairie Dogs folks had initially taken to hosting a variety of pop-ups around town to help promote and test their craft hot dog concept, which had a lot of local eaters pretty excited. They launched a Kickstarter campaign last fall to help launch the brick-and-mortar version of the business, but only managed to raise just over $3,000 of their $30,000 goal.

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This newest attempt to raise funds will help them to put the finishing touches -- a paint job and a few more pieces of equipment -- on their new location located in the Lyn-Lake neighborhood. So far, their new hot dog campaign is only six days deep and has managed to raise $435 dollars of the $20,000 goal.

In addition to the Kickstarter, Prairie Dogs owners Tobie Nidetz and Craig Johnson decided to take a two-pronged approach to crowd-funding by launching a specialized store on their website. The Prairie Dogs online store offers a variety of items for sale to help ramp up the fund-raising efforts. Items include t-shirts, pre-sale hot dogs, and for $10,000 you can get a hot dog party for you and 40 of your closest friends. Basically, they're running a parallel private Kickstarter without the enforced time limit and monetary goal.

On the Prairie Dogs Facebook page, the owners explain this approach. "We've assembled two unique crowd funding ideas. One is a menu of rewards focused on the local giver; the other is focused on rewards for the hot dog and sausage community at large. The funds from each will go towards sausage making and kitchen equipment."

Prairie Dogs are also offering a crowd-funding store on their website to help increase funding efforts

Prairie Dogs are also offering a crowd-funding store on their website to help increase funding efforts

The official Prairie Dog Kickstarter campaign runs until November 21, and they have not designated an end date for their crowd-funding online store.

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