Prairie Dogs Lands Brick and Mortar in Lyn-Lake

"Wet & Wild Walleye Sausage"

"Wet & Wild Walleye Sausage"

Tobie Nidetz has finally confirmed it: Prairie Dogs has a new Lyn-Lake home in the former Gray House space at 610 W. Lake St.

"We're working out the final lease stuff over the next couple of weeks, and we're looking at a mid-December opening," the specialty hot dog purveyor says.

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The little restaurant concept that could, which has spent a year vending gourmet hot dogs via pop-ups and launching Kickstarter campaigns, is finally coming together.

But even with the location secured, Nidetz says he still doesn't have all the capital necessary to make it completely solvent, and he and co-owner Craig Johnson are still running two crowdfunding campaigns, one on Kickstarter and one on their own page.

What if the money doesn't come through?

"We will continue. We have enough to start operations, and I have some friends who said they're willing to step in beyond that, if need be," Nidetz says.

So, if you've got a serious hankering for a foie gras dog, and there's no place in all the land to ease your jonesin' soul, you can help Prairie Dogs help you, by donating on Kickstarter, or on their website.

The latest reward for a $50 donation is a "magic hat" deal, wherein you'll receive a complimentary hot dog of your choice anytime you come into the restaurant wearing the sacred chapeau. (And don't think you can share the hat will all your roommates -- you'll have to also know a secret handshake, which Nidetz says will change regularly).

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