Pracna: Getting happy down by the river

Pracna on Main

117 Main St. SE, Minneapolis
612.379.3200; Pracna website

Hours & Details
Everyday 9-11 p.m.
$3 microbrews and domestics

It's always nice to hang out down by the river. Truth be told, St. Anthony Main is one of our favorite spots in Minneapolis. Recently we made a late-night pit stop to Pracna on Main to check out what they're offering for a late-night happy hour.

Venue: Pracna on Main boasts the title of "Oldest Restaurant on the Oldest Street in Minneapolis." The classic bar, initially founded in 1884, has seen a lot of history, which includes the possibility that the bar housed a small brothel during the Prohibition years.

The happy hour is small and only offers $3 glasses of microbrew or domestic beer. The beers range in size dependent on type, but roughly range from the 10-14oz range (slightly smaller than a typical pint). There is a pretty solid upside to this if you're a person who's interested in beer beyond Miller Lite. The list is well selected, featuring quality beers from across the country. The $3 price makes it easy to experiment with beers you might not otherwise be willing to shell out $6 to $10 for. 

We happened by on a particularly warm evening, so we test drove the Kayak Kolsch, a beer brewed in Duluth. The beer was nice, light, refreshing, and flavorful, and it paired well with our spinach dip appetizer.

Other beers on the menu include the Deschutes Green Lakes from Bend, Oregon, Goose Island Hex Nut Brown from Chicago, and Fatty Boomblatty from Green Spring, Wisconsin. All the selections make for good patio beers.

Verdict: Whereas the beer special is nice, offering discounts on other drink options might be something Pracna would want to consider. Or, like so many other places around town, some kind of food special. We happen to like food with our beer, and discounted food even more so.
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Pracna On Main - Closed

117 Main St. SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414


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