Potter's Pasties: A first look at the new food truck

Let us just pretend for a moment that it was an unseasonably cold late June day. Perhaps the sky was overcast, the wind a bit biting, and an entire state of pale people grumbled in unison about the lack of summer weather. Now what if these people were also hungry? Where could they find themselves a bite of something savory to warm away the dismal mood of another gray day? How about a gleaming white-and-black trailer topped with small fluttering Union Jacks. Yes, the British pasty is coming! (Please be careful with the pronunciation here, it's pasty as in lassie, not paste-y as racy, lacy.)

Alec Duncan, an experienced local chef, and Fiona Carter hatched the idea for Potter's Pasties & Pies while hiking through Scotland. Pasties are typically meat-filled pies--perfect, portable little lunches. Here's what we found on our recent trip to the Potter's food truck.

Potter's menu features traditional Cornish as well as worldly flavors. No matter the filling, the integrity of the crust is essential. Potter's are flaky, delicate, and buttery, without being wimpy, holding their juicy contents at bay. 

The interior options range from a traditional ground meat with a savory gravy, potatoes, and onions to a Thai red coconut-curry-spiced vegetarian offering. The chicken potpie flavor was stuffed to the hilt with gobs of juicy, tender chicken, with just a bit of potpie sauce and studded with sweet nubs of carrots.

The sausage roll was one of those sweet combinations of something that seems so simple but is done so well. The pasty is made with spicy, fennel-seed-studded Italian sausage from Buon Giorno (the gourmet Italian market in Lilydale where Potter's also does its prep), mixed with white, creamy cheddar cheese, and wrapped in a stick of pie crust. It's an ideal meal for a little late-night recovery. All pasties are $6.

Sides and beverages are available, as well as desserts. The Vietnamese iced coffee ($3), rich and sweet, is a perfect accompaniment to lunch on days when the temperatures aren't quite so disagreeable. Another sunny-day treat is the frozen grapes in a cone ($1.50). Potter's also serves a proper cup of warm tea: quite lovely.

Follow Potter's Pasties on Twitter for locations.

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