Porky's RIP... but you can buy the pig sign!

A St. Paul institution shuttered.

A St. Paul institution shuttered.

The muscle car engines have roared their last as the 1950's era Porky's on University Avenue in St. Paul served its last Twinburger yesterday. Lines for the drive-in stretched around the corner and madly dashing pedestrians nearly caused accidents among the gawking cars trying to navigate the light rail construction.

Citing tough economic times, owner Tryg Truelson, who also runs Tryg's near Lake Calhoun, to the neighboring senior housing provider, Episcopal Homes.

Starting today, Porky's is holding an online auction of its equipment and furnishings--including the iconic smiling pig neon sign--but you'll be competing against the well-organized Preservation Alliance of Minnesota, which hopes to buy up pieces of the historic business. The online auction begins at 6 p.m. tonight and closes Wednesday at 7 p.m.