"Porkless" Tori Ramen is coming to Minneapolis

Tori Ramen will not use pork in their broth.

Tori Ramen will not use pork in their broth.

Let the ramen revolution continue. Tori Ramen has announced it will be opening this spring in Minneapolis. The chef/owner is Jason Dorweiler, formerly of Unideli, one of the quiet but good places to acquire ramen locally. 

Dorweiller will co-own and operate the ramen shop with Asiya Persaud. The two met at Unideli and instituted the ramen program there together. They said they've been dreaming of a shop of their own ever since. 

Tori Ramen will eschew pork "because everything you can achieve out of a great bowl of creamy Tonkotsu (pork broth) ramen can be achieved through chicken and other birds.... We aim to do something that has not been done, and having a pork-free ramen menu is different and rare. Pulling it off is even harder. Going pork-free will allow our food to be more accessible for non-pork eaters and in general." 

They are looking forward to opening in the spring, but are still in the process of nailing down a space.

Tori Ramen, coming 2016