Popeye's fried chicken special today only--riot not included


The Popeye's franchise on Lake Street has a cheap deal on its fried chicken--$5.99 for eight pieces--good today (Wednesday) only till 10 p.m. And this time, you won't have to worry about getting tear-gassed.

A Tweet from C.J. at the Star Tribune alerted us to the deal and reminded us that this time probably won't lead to the debacle that last year's Popeye's promotion caused, when hundreds of customers showed up to take advantage of a similar deal--which was heavily advertised on local TV--only to find that the Minneapolis location (the only Popeye's in the state) wasn't honoring the national promotion. The crowd got so riled up that a few squad cars had to be called to calm them down.

Lesson learned, the Minneapolis Popeye's is fully on board this year, and the place is packed but civilized, says Popeye's supervisor Paul Najarian. Last year's $4.99 deal was so low that "we couldn't participate at that price point," he says. But this year's slightly higher price made the special tolerable. Let's hope they don't run out of chicken early.