Poll: You can eat inside restaurants now. Will you?

Inside south Minneapolis's Tenant, back before coronavirus hit.

Inside south Minneapolis's Tenant, back before coronavirus hit. Jeff Wheeler/Star Tribune

Beginning Wednesday, Minnesota enters "Phase III" of its five-part plan to reopen the economy amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

That means the return of dining inside restaurants and bars, provided the establishment adheres to a 50 percent occupancy cap, social distancing, mask mandates, and reservation requirements. (Click here to see the Phase III implications regarding venues, pools, salons, gyms, and social gatherings.)

For cash-strapped restaurants, the move should be a welcome income-booster following three months of relying on takeout business. But, given the innumerable unknowns of the virus that's killed 110,925 people in the U.S., is this return to dining semi-normalcy safe, especially for the service-industry workers who'll assume the most risk?

Beats us! Nobody employed at City Pages holds an epidemiology degree. Thankfully, the New York Times just polled 511 experts in that exact field. Among them, only 16 percent personally plan to eat at restaurants this summer (56 percent will in 3-12 months; 28 percent will wait a year-plus). 

But enough about what eggheads with invaluable, life-saving knowledge think. Let's hear from the true intellectual heavy-lifters: CP readers! 

Will you immediately begin dining at Twin Cities restaurants?
I will!
I will not.
I've not decided either way...
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