Playboy names Top 10 pizzas


Neglecting vast swaths of the country in favor of the coasts, and with singular nods to the Southwest and the Midwest, Playboy has compiled a list of what it deems the best pizzas the country has to offer. All but three are coal- or wood-fired. One is Mario Batali's place in L.A. Woefully absent? Flat pizza cut into squares a la Red's Savoy. Next year, Playboy ...

Check'em after the jump:

  • New Haven - Modern Apizza
  • Providence: Al Forno
  • Portland - Ken's Artisan Pizza
  • Philly - Tacconelli's
  • L.A. - Pizzeria Mozza
  • NYC - Di Fara
  • Oakland - Pizzaiolo
  • Seattle - Serious Pie
  • Phoenix - Pizzeria Bianco
  • Chicago- Coal Fire