Playboy gives Mickey's Dining Car Cafe the thumbs up

The tasty greasy spoon was placed on a national register of historic places in 1983. It's open an astounding 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Meryl Streep, Lindsay Lohan, and Garrison Keillor shot scenes from the booths of this local hot spot for A Prairie Home Companion. It's no wonder that has named it one of the top 10 Late Night Diners.

The naked lady mag describes Mickey's "like stepping into a museum." We'd argue that it's more like taking a peek into the lives of of the people of downtown St. Paul. On any given night you might enjoy waffles with some drunk bar hoppers waiting for their taxi, see students who live nearby taking a break from cramming for coffee and fries, and even some doctors and nurses fresh from their shift down the street.

Other locations that made the late night list include Atlanta's Majestic Diner, Chicago's Diner Grill, and New York City's Big Nick's, home of the one-pound ground beef "Sumo Burger."

Mickey's Dining Car Cafe is located at 36 West Seventh Street in St. Paul. For more info on the restaurant check out To see the complete list of late-night diners, visit here.