Playboy energy drink going "coast to coast" in 2010


Here's a good New Year's resolution for you: Try Playboy Energy Drink. Check it right off your list next to Ed Hardy's, Kanye's and Tiger Woods' (before it gets taken off shelves) drinks.

Playboy's take is slated to arrive at a liquor store or convenience shop near you in the New Year. The company that makes it just added a distributor in Michigan in order to start penetrating the Midwestern market.

According to RTTNews:

"Playboy Energy Drink has momentum," said Robert Nistico, president of Play Beverages. "It's no surprise that seven new top domestic distributors have added product to their beverage lines," he said, noting that Play Beverages is "on-target to bring Playboy Energy Drink coast-to-coast by the end of 2010."

The drink was launched two years ago and is available in 11 countries other than the U.S. says RTT. Anyone tried it?

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