Placenta: It's what's for dinner

Placenta pills.

Placenta pills.

Time's Joel Stein outdoes himself once again via his annoyingly named "Awesome Column." I always sort of read the column out of the corner of my eye, and never really feel satisfied afterwards, and yet here we are, and here he is, writing a column about how his wife ate their son's placenta not long after he was born.

Apparently, consuming your offspring's placenta has health benefits, namely that it can potentially keep postpartum depression at bay as well as increase a new mother's milk supply. All you have to do is get your local placenta lady to come by, steam it up with some herbs and voila! Most people consume the placenta in pill form, Stein says, but according to his placenta lady, some people "drink the placenta raw as a smoothie."

Even though Stein gets a little too into describing how revolting a placenta is (It's like ok, ok, we get it!), he's got at least a couple zingers in there, like "the placenta is to the baby what Stephen Baldwin is to Alec Baldwin" (ouch!) and "'$275 is a bargain compared with the $20,000 I'll have to spend to tear out our kitchen immediately afterward.'"