Pizza, Meet Rice Bowl: Red Wagon Pizza Mashup at World Street Kitchen

Can't decide on a restaurant? Mash it up.

Can't decide on a restaurant? Mash it up.

Coke or Pepsi? Coffee or tea? Double stuffed Oreo, regular, or red velvet? Sake or sochu? Half caf or no caf? Ramen burger or cronut burger? The daunting abundance of choice in daily modern life can all but overwhelm enough to paralyze. Maybe just put the chain lock back on the door and succumb to tap water and saltines.

The nice people over at World Street Kitchen have taken some of the angst of it all and mashed it down for you. Or rather -- mashed it up. Each month they take a different inspiration and throw it in a rice bowl for their monthly Mashups. For the month of May, if both pizza and rice bowls sound divine and the choice has turned you into a raving loon, never fear. Have both, with the Red Wagon Pizza mashup.

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For the month of May get a pizza-inspired rice bowl with balsamic braised chicken, banana pepper tomato relish, Red Wagon Pizza dough croutons, a soft cooked egg, basil rice, and fresh mozzarella.

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