Pizza Luce ending police discount was, for some people, the last goddamn straw

The pizza chain says the discount was a "privilege, not a right." Not everyone took that well.

The pizza chain says the discount was a "privilege, not a right." Not everyone took that well. Pizza Luce Facebook

The last few weeks have been a wake-up call for many individuals and organizations in this state.

After the death of George Floyd at the hands of four Minneapolis cops, institutions like the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis Public Schools, and even the Minneapolis Park Board started cutting ties with the Minneapolis Police Department. The Minneapolis City Council has been considering the possibility of disbanding the department altogether.

Somehow, for half the internet, the last goddamn straw was Pizza Luce.

The pizza chain kept its Twin Cities locations closed over the past weekend and through Monday, citing both worker safety and solidarity with protests. One update on Tuesday, announcing the reopening of some of its locations, said: "We know a number in our community have been directly impacted by the destruction and terrorism of the last several days."

Later Tuesday, Luce again posted to Facebook, this time telling fans that it too, was drawing a line in the sand. In the coming weeks, the post said, management would "reevaluate our relationship with with the police," including looking into "existing contracts, regulations, and security stipulations in our operating agreements as well as discussing what our options are."

On a related point, Luce announced police officers would no longer be getting their slices on the cheap. Cops are still welcome to eat Pizza Luce pizza, sure. Officers just won't be getting their customary discount, which Luce says has been "suspended."

“The discount was a privilege we extended to them, it is not a right,” the post explained. It went on to say that the company would be donating a portion of its sales Tuesday through Thursday to the George Floyd Memorial Fund, and hoped for “swift justice” for Floyd and his family.

Here’s the post in its entirety. 

Thank you to all of you who have been rallying, protesting and demanding justice, not only for George Floyd, but all...

Posted by Pizza Lucé on Tuesday, June 2, 2020

This post has been shared nearly 2,000 times and generated 5,500-plus comments. Some of those were simple thank-yous for the gesture.

But a lot of them seemed to imply that Pizza Luce doing away with an existing discount for cops was the very undoing of the final vestige of human decency.

“Do you suspend discounts to seniors because one grandpa decided to do something awful?” one commenter asked. “I won’t be eating there again.”

“As the widow of a [Duluth Police Department] officer, I find your post disgusting,” another said.

“This doesn’t solve anything,” added another, who continued, speaking about -- we feel the need to repeat this -- the suspension of a discount on pizza: “This is a time we need to all unite not divide further more [than] we have.”

Here are a few more samples curated from a veritable Akashic Record of absolute fucking nonsense.









A spokesperson for Pizza Luce told City Pages the company is trying to "figure out how all the things a small business does impact a community."