Pizza knife by Van Vacter


Let's say that you've got an addiction to pizza, and twenty bucks burning a hole in your pocket. The solution? Quite possibly, buying a "pizza knife" (prosaic lowercase name courtesy of the company).

What does you $20 get you? Well, the kind folks at Van VacterTM (a product line of Lassen Scientific, Inc.) are happy to inform you that each pizza knife (the ultimate pizza cutterTM) uses patent pending Slicing-SlotsTM to cut cleanly through the pizza's molten cheese, leaving the dirty business of completing any given cut to the deadly-sounding Finishing WheelTM.

That blizzard of verbiage boils down to this: you get two pizza wheels in one. The big wheel has holes in it. The holes keep the cheese from sticking to the wheel when it cuts. The small wheel, which trails the big wheel at a respectful distance and looks like a training wheel, completes your cut and eliminates the need to drag your pizza cutter back and forth, over and over again.

Does it work? Absolutely. This is a beautiful piece of pizza-cutting technology. Overly wordy and arguably overpriced, but absolutely beautiful. If you see one on special (quite likely) or at a rummage sale (far less likely), snatch it up.