Pizza Hut's $10,010 Valentine's Day proposal kit

Looking for a unique/sad/bizarre way to propose to someone on Tuesday? Pizza Hut is running a promotion through Valentine's Day called the "Tie the Knot With Dinner Box". 

In addition to $10 worth of dinner (we assume pizza, but for this price you should be able to get hot wings and cheesy bread too), the Tie the Knot package includes...
(an unspecified) red ruby ring, flowers, limo service, a fireworks display, a photographer, and a videographer to capture this most magical moment so that you can upload it to YouTube and tell your grandchildren all about how your pizza proposal "went viral."

The cost of this package, which you can order online, is $10,010. We are guessing that's why the Hut is advertising that only 10 of these packages are available, but amazingly, they also add that if the package is "not used" by March 31 of this year, they'll refund the full amount. 

Does this mean you can still keep the pizza even if he/she says no? 

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