Pizza Farm takes over the Food Building in Northeast tonight

The gentlemen of Food Building want to bring you a very special pizza experience at Pizza Farm.

The gentlemen of Food Building want to bring you a very special pizza experience at Pizza Farm.

Pizza Farm in Stockholm, Wisconsin has long been one of the most delicious and bucolic ways to while away a Tuesday evening. All of the ingredients that make up their voluminous and exquisite pizzas are raised or grown on the farm, making them that much more special. 

Pastoral though it is, you gotta drive two hours out of the cities, and you don't always have the time. So how about if the farm got dropped smack dab in the middle of the city, pizza and all?

Northeast Minneapolis' Food Building is doing just that (kinda) with their own version of Pizza Farm. The first event takes place this evening. 

If you're not familiar with Food Building, think of it as potentially the truest, bluest farm-to-table place you may ever dine within. Inside, Lone Grazer Cheese, Red Table Meat Co., and Baker's Field Flour and Bread take delivery of farm-direct milk, hogs, and wheat, respectively, and turn it into the best and most local cheese, charcuterie, and bread. It happens right on site, with no middle man. "Farmed near, made here," is their motto. 

Considering the ingredients list, a pizza "farm" was pretty much a no-brainer. Depending on tonight's success, they are planning to throw more events of the kind.

But that's not all. They wish to find other creative ways to present these three ingredients, and welcome input from the public. (The Draft Horse, Food Building's in-house restaurant, does it with pot pies.) 

Other things you need to know about tonight's Pizza Farm: 

Admission is free (Red Table Meat and Lone Grazer Cheese samples included). 

300 pizzas will be available for purchase on a first come, first served basis.

There will be a meat raffle! The prize: salumi from Red Table Meat Co. Proceeds go to East Side Neighborhood Services Training Program.

Sweet Science Ice Cream will be available for purchase because what's a picnic without ice cream? 

Beer will be provided by Able Seedhouse & Brewery.

Red Table Meat and the Draft Horse will grill up some sausages.

The musical accompaniment will be provided by Firefly, plus a few surprises. 

You'll also get the chance to check out Baker's Field's new digs; they're the latest addition to Food Building with a new mill and ovens.

Bring a blanket. The picnic will go down on the grassy area beside the Draft Horse.

Rain or shine. 

Food Building 
1401 Marshall St. NE, Minneapolis