Pizza deliverers save lives

Earlier this week, employees at a Memphis Domino's restaurant got worried when its 82-year-old regular didn't place her daily order of a large pepperoni pizza and two Diet Cokes for a couple days, according to Eater. A delivery person decided to stop by the woman's house, and discovered that they had a good reason to be worried.

It turns out that being a loyal customer for a chain pizza place saved the elderly woman's life. The pizza deliverer found that the customer had fallen and couldn't reach a phone.

Now, that happened only a week after a Papa John's delivery guy in Grand Rapids rescued a customer pinned under a tree branch. He put down the pizza and helped lift the branch while another man sawed the branch off with a chainsaw. Dutifully, the delivery man went back to work afterward, according to the Grand Rapids Press.

We suspect it's only a matter of time before we hear about a Minneapolis Galactic Pizza superhero/deliverer saving the planet.

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