Pipeline Confections Can Turn Anything Into a Cookie


"I pretty much think of everything in cookie terms," says Holly Lowe of Pipeline Custom Cookie Bakery. She says she grew up in a house with an avid baker for a mom and a cartoonist for a dad, and inevitably for her the two talents mind-melded.

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Lowe's painstaking creations take an average of ten minutes apiece to ice, and they're not just something pretty to look at. She uses "a lot" of butter and secret ingredients-- things like jasmine, vanilla and orange. "Floral flavors," she says, "so that when someone takes a bite, they say 'wow'!"

And say "wow" they will when they get a load of a bird of paradise, or the entire cast of Spongebob, or Michael Jackson's glittery glove perfectly rendered into a cookie.

"I can't look at a T-shirt, or an ad, or a greeting card, or anything really," she says, "without thinking about cookies."

She says she was once commissioned to do a Fight Club series (she works best when someone gives her an idea and allows her to riff on it). A bite of Bob's bitch tits, anyone?

Commission a cookie series for the custodian in your life

Commission a cookie series for the custodian in your life

And yes, in case you were wondering, she makes the most beautiful Christmas cookies you've ever seen.

Cookies start at $4 each and can be ordered through her website or you may reach her through A Cupcake Social, where she shares a kitchen.

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