Pinkberry, we don't want 'cha anyway

Ahh, another New York Times article about the trendy frozen yogurt battles being waged in Greenwich Village, where Pinkberry and Red Mango face-off like dairy-based Jets and Sharks.

So should we expect this sort of thing coming soon to Hennepin Avenue? Not according to Pinkberry’s website, which states that store franchises are available to residents of certain states--and Minnesota’s not one of them.

Pinkberry, we don't want 'cha anyway

Not that we’d want the overhyped fro-yo, anyway. I recently stopped in at the Pinkberry and Red Mango shops on Bleeker Street shops was, frankly, underwhelmed. Both versions tasted like the same TCBY we’ve been eating since the 80s. Pinkberry’s is a little creamier and tangier, but otherwise, it seems the only draw is for dieters using Pinkberry to satisfy ice cream cravings. With so many great local scoop shops (Crema Cafe, Izzy’s, Grand Ole Creamery, Sebastian Joe’s, etc.), if you can spare the calories, stick with the real thing.

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