Pigskin doughnuts, Grain Belt rolls, and more Twin Cities football foods to track down

Chocolate bacon icing and pork rinds finish off this marvel from Cardigan's

Chocolate bacon icing and pork rinds finish off this marvel from Cardigan's Cynthia Yang

It would be an understatement to say Minneapolis and St. Paul are preparing for the Super Bowl.

But it’s not all road closures and an amped-up Ice Palace. Bakeries, taprooms, and grocers across the cities are gearing up with special treats for the Big Game.

Mojo Monkey Donuts
Stop into Mojo Monkey Donuts on West Seventh in St. Paul to sample their show-stopping Super Bowl treats. Nab some chocolate cream-filled donuts rolled in crushed Oreos -- and throw in a few jelly-filled donuts in the shape of football jerseys. 1169 Seventh St. W., St. Paul; 651-224-0142

Cardigan Donuts
Indulge away with Cardigan’s Pig Skin, a traditional long john filled with salted chocolate custard and topped with chocolate bacon icing and pork rinds. Or go more fully savory with their Grain Belt Pretzel Roll: a fried pretzel bread roll stuffed with brie custard and topped with crushed pretzel and a lager icing made from Grain Belt.

But that’s not all! Cardigan’s has also created special doughnuts for each team in the big game. The New England Patriots’ Fluffernutter Bismarck showcases peanut butter custard, marshmallow crème, and scorched banana crème brulee. The Eagles-honoring Shoofly Whoopie Pie is a split chocolate cake doughnut with molasses buttercream filling, chocolate icing, and streusel topping. Stop in their shop on Super Bowl weekend or have these dynamite doughnuts delivered to your door. City Center, 40 S. Seventh St., Minneapolis; 612-259-7804

T. Rex Cookie & Coffee Café
Not only did this St. Paul institution serve up their Purple People Eater cookies in honor of the Vikings, they’re now offering a giant, football-sized cookie available for special order. And when we say giant, we mean giant: It weighs five pounds. Five pounds of a chocolate chip cookie -- that’s way bigger than a real football. So, invite over your closest friends -- or don’t -- and chow down on game day. 3338 University Ave., Minneapolis; 612-345-5815

Inbound BrewCo
OK, there’s no one specific football-themed treat or brew here, but Inbound is holding a full week of festivities to mark the Big Game coming to town. There will be beer releases, there will be DJs and hammer-schlagen, there will be outdoor frozen hot dish shuffleboard. All the classic hallmarks of the game won by inches. 701 N. Fifth St., Minneapolis; 612-615-8243

Honey & Rye Bakehouse
If you plan to have some people over to watch the big game, Honey & Rye has created a full Super Bowl menu. Order some snacks or desserts or a complete spread of both. Get your soft pretzel sticks and mini baguette sandwiches of Lowry Hill ham and Gruyere or hummus with olives, feta, cucumbers, red onion, and greens. Don’t forget about dessert! The bar sampler gives you brownies, pecans, and Honey & Rye’s version of Twix while the cookie sample covers all the bases with chocolate chunk, ginger ginger, and cowgirl cookies. Order by February 1! 4501 Excelsior Blvd., St. Louis Park; 612-844-2555