Pig-mice: Coming soon to a table near you?

The Food and Drug Adminstration has closed the comment period for guidelines on introducing genetically modified animals into our food supply. As Barry Estabrook writes for Gourmet magazine, one of the first to make it to market could be the "Enviropig," which is a breed of pigs that has been scientifically designed to, well, shit more like a mouse:
Although Enviropigs look no different than the Yorkshires from which they were derived, they carry a mouse gene that makes them produce feces that are less environmentally damaging than those excreted by a normal pig. This is a potential boon for factory hog producers, who face the perennial problem of dealing with hundreds of tons of waste.

Apparently pig and mouse DNA splice better than that of pig and elephant.

If the Enviropig (great name, right? it's obvioulsy eco-friendly and therefore a great thing!) does eventually become pork for mass consumption, you may not even know it: Despite concerns about the safety of such foods, current rules do not call for labeling gentically modified meats as such.

Here's a better option for procuring cuts of earth's most delicious animal: The St. Paul Farmers' Market is open Saturday mornings all winter. Buy your pork directly from the farmer and avoid supporting the practices of large-scale operations.